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Wuggs - Tasmanian wallaby fur ugg boots

Luxurious, sustainable comfort in an eco-friendly boot.


Wuggs are made from the skins of wallaby processed in Tasmania for meat. We hope they will help realise a vision of a farming enterprise based on the animals that belong here, the animals adapted to our land. Turning the skins into high quality and sustainable fashion is another step to that vision.

For thirty  years Lenah Game Meats has been producing high quality Tasmanian game meats. It is a small privately owned Tasmanian company built on passion, ethics and pragmatic environmentalism. At Lenah we are committed to making the world a better place socially, environmentally and ecologically.

Introducing our Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Ugg Boots made from premium Tasmanian wallaby leather, these ugg boots offer unmatched durability and comfort, making them perfect for relaxing after a day spent in the great outdoors. As a by-product of sustainable meat production, these ugg boots are an eco-friendly choice for those who appreciate nature's finest gifts.

Sustainable eco-friendly fashion alternative

Wuggs are made from the skins of wallaby processed for meat under strict Government control and regulation. The Tasmanian government has been monitoring the wallaby population for 50 years and have well developed systems to ensure the population remains extremely abundant. There are over 3 million wallabies in Tasmania and their population is increasing. Less than 2% of the population are harvested per year, doing so helps farmers reduce the impact of large numbers of wallaby on their enterprises and ensures the products are utilised rather than wasted. 

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Wuggs have a sustainable sole

Tasmanian wallabies have a digestive system that produces almost no methane, meaning Wuggs can be purchased with a carbon-free conscience. The CSIRO has for many years been attempting to find out why wallaby emit so little methane and transfer the capacity to cattle, we’d prefer to utilise the wallaby instead for meat, and turn their skins into the most comfortable boots you can imagine.

Wallaby Skin Ugg Boots - a by product of our food harvesting 

The wallaby skins used in our ugg boots are harvested and processed for meat under a Tasmanian government license, ensuring that the wallaby population remains sustainable for future generations. By turning the skins into these luxurious ugg boots, we reduce waste and contribute to a uniquely Tasmanian, sustainable food and fashion industry.


Experience the ultimate in comfort and sustainability with our Tasmanian Wallaby Fur Ugg Boots - designed for those who live and breathe in balance with our planet. 


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1. Purchase any specialty mark pack of Lenah wallaby product. 

2. Tell us below, how you use your wallaby. 

Terms and Conditions

To enter, purchase any specialty pack of Lenah Wallaby and follow the instructions on the form. A winner will be drawn at the end of each month and contacted via email. Competition is open to people residing in Australia only. Any feedback, recipes, images and / or videos, may be used via Lenah Games Meats, for marketing and advertising purposes (print or web) now, or within the future. Web includes website and all social media platforms. One entry per person. Google sign in required.  Any questions, please contact

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