We believe that our meat is good for you,

makes environmental sense and is produced

using ethical principles.


Lenah is driven by the vision of Australian’s producing our food from the animals which belong here.





The two are intertwined for us.


The planet provides our lifeforce – it’s our home. We do all that we can to take care of it with the same love we do our family.



We believe in meeting the needs of the present without diminishing opportunities for the future. We work to contribute to a humane society that is ecologically, socially and environmentally secure.




We work to build open and honest relationships with all of our partners, staff, suppliers, Government and customers.  We take a proactive approach to our social and environmental responsibilities and are transparent in our business and animal welfare practises.




Our system of harvesting meat is all about balance, harmony and consciousness of the planet, it’s people’s and animals. We believe our methods of food harvesting positively contribute to food security by providing nutritious abundantly available wild foods.




  • For each other 

  • The Planet and 

  • our First Nations People 


Driven by our aspirations and core values we are passionate about healthy food produced in an ethical and environmentally sensitive way.


All that we do is driven by our passion to enrich our planet and it’s inhabitants. Making the world an economically, socially and environmentally safe place for our children is our number one priority.


We will achieve our mission through:


  • Educating our consumers and industry partners

  • Offering healthy and sustainable food alternatives that we want to give our children and grandchildren

  • Ensuring everything we do is in balance with nature​

  • Practising ethical animal welfare in line with Government regulations