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Lenah wallaby is light and easy, good for you, your pets and good for our environment.

Our wallaby is popular amongst diners from Cairns to Hobart and is a regular “sold out” item at Tasmania’s fine food fairs. Read More...

Find out why we believe wallaby is the red meat of the future 


Check out our new Wugg boots.They are sensationally warm, soft and luxurious. We offer a Love at First Touch guarantee  Read More...

Our founder John Kelly talks about why sustainability is central to everything we do at Lenah. 

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Wallaby is never farmed it is sourced directly from Tasmanian Grasslands free from antibiotics, chemicals or human intervention.​ Read More...


Lenah processes Tasmanian possum under Government licence and can supply tanned brushtail possum skins for aboriginal cloak manufacture. Read More...

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RMIT Research compared Ugg and Wuggs and found that Wuggs are virtually sweat free.

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At Lenah Game Meats we've been following in the footsteps of our First Nations People of lutruwita producing food and fibre from the animals which belong here. We pay respects to Elders past and present,  their identity, culture and land management principals.  

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