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Lenah wallaby is light and easy, good for you, your pets and good for our environment.
Wallaby for
Chefs and Cooks

Our wallaby is popular amongst diners from Cairns to Hobart and is a regular “sold out” item at Tasmania’s fine food fairs. Read More...

Our Vision
Our Values

Lenah is driven by the vision of Australian’s producing our food from the animals which belong here. Read More...


Sustainably harvested fur products that are delightfully sensuous and made to pamper the most discerning soul. Read More...

Food for
Your Pets
Nutrition and
Health Facts

Wallaby is never farmed it is sourced directly from Tasmanian Grasslands free from antibiotics, chemicals or human intervention.​ Read More...


Full of tasty and nourishing recipes, this ebook is a collection of some of our favourite Wallaby recipes.​ Read More...

Possum Skins For Aboriginal Cloaks

Lenah processes Tasmanian possum under Government licence and can supply tanned brushtail possum skins for aboriginal cloak manufacture. Read More...


When we started Lenah Game Meats 25 years ago climate warming and change was a faint whisper on the wind in Tasmania.​ Read More...