We believe that our meat is good for you, makes environmental sense and is produced using ethical principles.

Wallaby for Home Cooks

Unique to Tasmania, wallaby (or ‘roo as the locals often call it) is one of natures finest meats. This pasture fed free range meat is very easy to cook, low in fat and is an excellent environmentally conscious choice of meat.


Wallaby has a rich burgundy colour, a surprisingly mild – even delicate, flavour and a wonderfully tender texture. Think of it as the ‘pinot of red meats’. It is very low in saturated and trans fats and therefore is an excellent choice for those who need to eat a diet that is low in cholesterol and is good for your heart health.










In our Retail Range we have:


  • Wallaby Fillet - Plain and marinated in lemon myrtle and pepper berry

  • Wallaby Mince

  • Wallaby Snags

  • Wallaby Shanks

  • Smoked Wallaby and Wallaby Salami

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Due to the low fat content it is best to cook steaks and fillets to medium rare to avoid drying out. By cooking it to medium rare you will ensure that it retains it’s natural moisture and tenderness, it will really melt in your mouth. Sausages and mince however should be treated the same as you would regular beef or lamb but you can use wallaby knowing that it’s so much better for you.


The uses are as broad as your imagination and represent a healthy ethical alternative to beef and lamb.


  • Wallaby sausages and mince – cook them as you would regular beef or lamb

  • For sensational pan-fried or stir fry dishes use wallaby fillet (either plain or marinated in pepperberry and lemon myrtle)

  • For a healthy alternative spaghetti bolognaise, nachos or curry use wallaby mince. Simply replace the beef mince in your favourite recipe with low fat, environmentally friendly wallaby

  • For a terrific warm salad or nibble try smoked wallaby

  • Excite your next BBQ with wallaby sausages

  • Or for something really different try wallaby shanks. Shanks should be braised and cooked slowly in the same manner that you would prepare a lamb shank, cook until all the meat falls off the bone




  • For sensational pan-fried dishes use Wallaby Fillet

  • For the best stir fry you’ve ever had use Wallaby Eye Fillet

  • For roasts use tunnel-boned Wallaby Legs

  • For something really different try Wallaby Shanks


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 Cooking Videos

Tasmanian Lenah Wallaby Salami Pizza

Tasmanian Lenah Wallaby Fillet with Roasted Root Vegetables

Wallaby Salami
Wallaby Salami
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Wallaby Sausage
Wallaby Sausage

Wallaby snags are great for summer BBQ

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Wallaby Fillet
Wallaby Fillet

Plain and marinated with lemon myrtle and pepper berry

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Wallaby Mince
Wallaby Mince
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Wallaby Shanks small
Wallaby Shanks small

Make for a hearty winter meal

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Beer Braised Wallaby Shanks