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Wallaby for Your Pets

We supply raw fresh, preservative free pet food.


Our pet food range is from the same animals we process for our restaurant and retail ranges. It is another essential plank in our balanced healthy eating program. We believe that our companion animals should also eat as nature intended. 


A raw diet is in harmony with what our animals ate before they became domesticated. Their digestive tracts are designed for a raw diet rather than a processed food diet. Dogs who eat a raw diet enjoy the following benefits:


  • Shinier coats

  • Cleaner teeth – ask us about our dog chews

  • Higher energy levels – just check our Ace in our video


New Dog Chews 


Happy Raw Food, Lenah Dog

Happy Wolf Chews and Roo Ribs dogs 

Roo Ribs and Pelvises 

Pelvis Flag (1).jpg
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