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Wallaby for Chefs


Our wallaby is popular amongst diners from Cairns to Hobart and is a regular “sold out” item at Tasmania’s fine food fairs. It has become a staple item on the menus of award winning hotels and resorts across the country. Unique to Tasmania, wallaby is one of nature’s finest meats. It has a rich burgundy colour, a surprisingly mild – even delicate, flavour and a wonderfully tender texture. Think of it as the ‘veal of kangaroo’.






As the largest national processor of human consumption wallaby meat, we have the scale and volume for your restaurant and we can service you regardless of size or volume. We use Tasmanian Bennett’s Wallaby, we provide fully denuded portion-controlled cuts and all of our meat is pan ready.


Our quality control and the fine texture of wallaby makes it more forgiving than any other game meat.  There is no need to leave it ‘blue’, it can comfortably be taken to medium rare, making it acceptable to a wider range of diners.


All meat is packed into 1kg vacuum bags to keep it fresh and has a shelf life of 8 weeks (fillets). You can use our range of wallaby anywhere on your menu, it’s mild flavour allows it to be adapted to a range of cuisines. It will give your menu an exotic and healthy option. Please contact us to organise a sample (if within our delivery regions).


Like most game meats, wallaby is great either cooked quickly (pan-fried use porterhouse or topside) or cooked very slowly (e.g. slow braised shanks).

  • Handle Lenah Wallaby just as you would a good red wine. After opening the pack, ‘decant’ the meat into a bowl and put the juice aside for your sauce. Let the meat ‘breathe’ for 5-10 minutes. This allows the pack smells to dissipate and the meat to absorb oxygen.

  • If you prefer your meat cooked more on the medium side of rare, you can then marinate the wallaby in olive oil. This is not essential, however.

  • Pre-heat the pan and add some (olive) oil. The oil will help the meat brown and retain its natural juices.

  • Seal the juices in the meat by turning the cut immediately after placing in the pan until all sides are lightly ‘browned’. Then allow 2 to 3 minutes cooking on each side. Remove from the pan and stand in a warm oven for 5 to 10 minutes to rest prior to slicing. Aim for medium rare.

  • Be careful to leave lots of space around each piece of wallaby when pan-frying. If the pan is over filled the meat will stew in its juices producing a rather unsatisfactory result.

  • The last and most important tip: The way you slice meat to serve makes a huge difference to its eating quality. Its very important the meat is sliced diagonally across the grain. This will maximize the tenderness of the meat in your mouth. Unfortunately meat is often sliced the wrong way, doing the product a great injustice.




  • For sensational pan-fried dishes use wallaby porterhouse or topside

  • For the best stir-fry you’ve ever had use wallaby eye fillet

  • For roasts use tunnel-boned wallaby legs

  • For something really different try wallaby forelegs



A sensational value product, approx. 300 gm each, sous vide tor unique finger licking goodness.   

“We have been using Lenah Wallaby for over a decade for it’s superior quality. We enjoy it’s consistent quality, tenderness and flavour all year round, giving us confidence in the product and value for our customers.”

Head Chef
Freycinet Lodge, Tasmania”


“I can only say good things about your wallaby. It’s a well-treated product, it’s as tender as meat can get with a great flavour”

Executive Chef
Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, Tasmania” (voted 5th In Lonely Planet’s inaugural top 10 of the world’s best places to stay)


“Congrats to Lenah Game. Totally! Tasmanian wallaby is really popular at The Ugly Duck Out in Swansea. Crumbed in polenta as a schnitzel or in our spicy vindaloo, its a smart choice for our health and our environment. And it is yummo!”

The Ugly Duck Out in Swansea


“Lenah Wallaby from Tasmania is one of the finest red meats I have had the pleasure to work with. Being wild harvested it is free of agricultural intervention and is harvested in a highly sustainable and very humane manner. Lean, sweet and delicate in flavour with a tender texture, Lenah Wallaby is much milder than any other game meat. The versatility of this product allows it to be simply and quickly grilled, barbecued or pan fried but it can also enjoy a long slow braise for heartier winter dishes. Lenah Wallaby features on my menu regularly as I know my patrons like to enjoy unique and top quality Tasmanian produce.”

Executive Chef

Stillwater Restaurant and

Black Cow Bistro



Video Testimonials

Craig Halkett -Executive Chef

Strahan Village

Michael Kreuger - Executive Chef at Cradle Mountain Hotel


Wallaby Ribs

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